Welcome To LoonCorps

Our new website is steadily expanding, but we still have a long way to go. Look forward to lots of videos and pictures, such as the excellent loon yodel pic you see on the Header by my friend Randy Stout of Lark’s Lake. Consider this new website an extension of the Planet Michigan site you’ve come to know and love over the years. This one’s dedicated to Loons in Michigan, what we’re doing to protect this Threatened Species, and how you can get involved.

Look for updates on our many activities, stories about our supporters…I treat our supporters very well (see our Petoskey News articles about St. Mary’s Cement of Charlevoix), so any of you who were sent a letter outlining support options, it’s really to the benefit of your public image that I hear from you soon. More important, you’ll be saving area loon lakes. And I don’t use the word “save” frivolously either: loon territories are lost all the time because habitat is overrun by development, or loons are driven away by unrestrained disturbance. Loons are killed by watercraft, die due to Avian Botulism, perish in oil spills, lose nests to flooding, scavengers, or alien waterfowl species.

Chick Bobber Close

Chick with line and bobber on Lake 15, Montmorency County

Had this chick not shaken its line and bobber loose, a rescue would've been necessary, an example of the importance of loon monitors.

Had this chick not shaken its line and bobber loose, a rescue would’ve been necessary, an example of the importance of loon monitors.

Also expect to see loon rescue stories, loon banding project videos and picture essays; different ways and levels at which you can participate, donate, and volunteer; and news regarding some area lakes in the restoration process, and others that have been restored.

To some, our header loon might look mean. He’s not…he’s screaming his yodel, a call male loons utter when proclaiming or defending their territory. He’s just damned determined, letting everyone know he’ll protect his territory, whatever it takes. And that’s what we are…damned determined to preserve, protect, and restore loon territories…whatever it takes.


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