Lancaster Lake Loons

085a-Lancaster Lk

Photo by Gene Klco

Lancaster Lake stood for years in what I call a dormant state. The resident loon pair returned and maintained the territory each year but, for reasons not fully understood, had given up nesting. The lake has no natural island, and some new houses had been built near its traditional nest site, not so close to make nesting impossible, but possibly to discourage this loon pair. Anyway, I installed a nesting raft in 2012. The loons hovered around it at times, even boarded it briefly, but did not nest. In 2013, they nested, and hatched two chicks. Sadly, both disappeared within a week. Encouraged, I placed it again in 2014, this time adding two buoys to help keep the many anglers who visit this lake, separate from the nest. They laid two eggs (the loons, not the anglers) and hatched one chick, which has survived to leave the lake.

This lake has had a successful comeback. However, postcards appealing to the residents here to take over duties of placing and removing the raft and buoys have not been responded to, and LoonCorps is desperately in need of a volunteer to do it. Visit our Volunteer section if you’d like to help out. It’s a small, beautiful lake just east of Levering, easy to reach, and a joy to paddle.

Gene Klco from Larks Lake visited Lancaster and took some great pictures of the loon family in various stages of growth. He also took an amazing one of a heron capturing a Northern Pike. Check them out below.

Lancaster Lake Loons_025# 023a-Lancaster Lk 044a-Lancaster Lk



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