Lancaster Lake Raft: Caretaker Wanted

Lancaster Loon and Chick Photo by Randy Stout 2014

Lancaster Loon and Chick Photo by Randy Stout 2014

LoonCorps is looking for a volunteer in the Lancaster Lake area willing to put out/ take in this raft and two buoys each season. Located at the north end of Lancaster, six miles east of Levering, this loon nesting raft offers easy access to the shore seen in the background of the picture below, and fresh nesting material is abundant. A modern public access/boat ramp is located a short distance from the loon nest site for launching your boat or kayaks. Alternatively, if you live on Lancaster, the raft and buoys are easily towed or loaded aboard your boat for convenient transport to your property. This is a recently re-activated loon nest, used by the long-time resident loon pair each year since 2012. Last year’s chick was the first to fledge from this lake in well over a decade.

You’ll love this very rewarding volunteer opportunity. Responsible, hard-working loon couple, great parents. Friendly, (mostly) quiet loon family, keeps to themselves. Very environmentally conscious pair, often feeding on nearby Douglas and Munro Lakes to reduce fishing pressure and conserve resources for the future. Shares the lake with a lovely Sandhill Crane family. Respond to this post or use the contact information found at the bottom of every page on this website to volunteer. Raft and buoys must be in the water by late April, and removed sometime in July.




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