ANI DeluxeWe will soon need the following items in order to build six new nesting rafts for 2015. If you can help, please contact LoonCorps at the contact info at page bottom. Please spread the word if you know anyone who has the following:

Old/new (even used and dirty) indoor/outdoor carpet for boarding ramps (shown in picture).

Coated cable (spool or 30 foot sections) for anchoring raft to cement blocks.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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  1. Jim and Phyllis says:

    Jeff ! I will supply my own zip ties, carpet and anchor system for the 2 nests I will pick up this month. As I recall you were going to assemble the ramps and I would do the rest…..let me know when you think would be a good time for us to get together and pick this stuff up from you?….Jim 231 946 7466


  2. Jeff Lange says:

    I’ll let you know when I have your two ready to go. All I have to do is construct the ramps and you’re set to go. Yours are separate from my regular “need to build” list.


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