Lancaster Lake And A Surprise Donation


Ron doing most of the hard work, as usual.

On April 26, Lancaster Lake became the home of a brand new deluxe loon nesting raft…and LoonCorps received a surprise donation. Ron Pool and I switched out the old-style raft with its fencing/recycled bottles center with the new design, equipped with rails, boarding ramp and firm foam center. Lancaster became a nesting lake once again in 2013 when it’s resident loon pair nested for the first time in a decade. They lost both week-old chicks that first year (cause unknown), but in 2014 hatched and fledged one chick. The new raft here was built and funded in part by Lowe’s of Petoskey, George Cripps, Jim McDowell, Northern Greenlawn North, John Lehman, Brad Hersey, and Fairbairn & Sons. image




On arrival, we found a couple locked out of their car. Seeing as how we were going to be out on the lake for a while, I offered the use of my car so they could drive home and fetch spare keys. Which they presumably did, because upon our return, we found their car gone, my car where they’d returned it, and $40 laying on the seat, which will go toward more buoy and raft supplies.


Old bottle-filled loon raft headed home for a refit.



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