Crooked Lake Loons Update

When Dave Droste recently contacted me to ask how the loon family on Crooked Lake was doing, I realized I hadn’t posted an update in some time. Well, last week, Beth Stewart was worried she hadn’t seen them in her cove for a few days, and visits by Brad Hersey had also turned up no loons in the nest site vicinity. After a couple days checking other points around the lake, I got a call by a very happy Sue Vorpagel who had been watching them from her dock.

05#-Crooked Lk Loons-5x7


The loon family had moved out of the Rocky Point cove, rounded the point, and had settled into the bay east of there, near Hency Rd. Last I heard, they were still there. Sue sees them often and says it’s a fairly quiet place for them to be. The eagle was indicating a high degree of interest in their former place, though Sue sees the eagle around there sometimes too. They have seemed to run the gar gauntlet successfully, are day by day increasing their chances of escaping predation by eagles, but my next worry is the boat race scheduled to occur there soon. It would be very helpful if someone involved in that event could run that course prior to race time,  check for loons in the way and shoo them out of danger, if necessary. Hopefully, they’ll stay put in the cove, but I wouldn’t bet on it.
                                                              *     *     *
Meanwhile, enjoy this very excellent picture taken by Gene Klco of Larks Lake, who managed to photograph them when the chicks were just under a week old. Click here or check in our local bookstores to purchase Gene’s Childrens’ book “Loon Chick’s First Flight”. And if you live in the Crooked Lake area, please pass this post around to folks you know, and spread the word that the loons are fine, and that I’d appreciate hearing if anyone sees them, should they move on, which is certain at some point. My contact information is always at the bottom of every page.



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