05#-Crooked Lk Loons-5x7When John Lehman stopped by today to bring the latest donations from the Donation Canisters he monitors, I realized I’d meant to update our supporters and readers of our 2015 projects. I was going to highlight all of the successes Looncorps has had in 2015, but rather than try to list them, making this an exhausting list of things you’ve most likely read about already, I’m just going to say the Crooked Lake loon story is, by far, the most unexpected good news of the year.

In short, after several years placing nesting rafts on various places around the lake (some still in position and awaiting prospecting loons), a loon pair nested in the Rocky Point cove where two rafts had been placed in spring of 2015 (one a leftover from 2014). The loons laid and hatched two eggs, and successfully raised and fledged both chicks to migrate in the fall. This is the first nesting of loons on this lake in decades. Especially great news is that the two chicks fledged last season, and all subsequent chicks will all likely return to Crooked Lake in the future to seek nesting as breeding adults. Rafts already await them.

Frankly, I was going to try and mention names of those involved in this success, but instead will direct you to previous posts on this site for you to review. I’m afraid of leaving someone out. Let me also thank all the people, businesses, and organizations listed on Looncorps’ website, along the left-hand column (under Donation Canister Locations and Looncorps Supporters) for their help and contributions to this effort. When you visit them, or their places of business, know they are making a difference in preserving and recovering loon nesting habitat in our area.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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