Loon Rd Raft 2012Three years ago, several Round Lake residents reported a flurry of loon activity; blood-curdling calls, etc… lasting much of the night, a day or two before the loon eggs were scheduled to hatch. Sure enough, the next morning, the sitting loons were off the nest, having left the two unhatched eggs behind. It would seem a serious fight had taken place during the night. Since then, loons had returned to Round Lake, but none had attempted to nest. Round Lake appeared to be in breeding purgatory: where ownership of the territory was in transition. We all wondered whether any of the loons, once they began nesting again, would consist of either of the former pair. The female had been banded in 2010, the male in 2012, along with all chicks from those nesting seasons.

Well, it seems that neither of those previously tagged loons claim any ownership of the Round Lake territory. Damon McCormick from Common Coast visited the lake in mid-April, observed a loon pair, one of which was a yodeling male, and remained on the site long enough to tell neither wore any leg bands. We’ll know, of course, for sure once these or any loons take up nesting there. But from this observation, it would seem Round Lake has a brand new territorial loon pair. Ron Pool placed the nesting raft last week, so we’re hopeful nesting is in the works this season.

Adult tagging 8-8-10

Joe and Chris and a banded Round Lake female


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

3 responses »

  1. Anonymous says:

    I sure wish we were able to hear the loons on the now VACANT Oneal Lake…….


  2. John Lehman says:

    Good to hear this! We’ve been hearing loons on Round Lake but haven’t seen them yet.


  3. Pat Rothi says:

    which Round Lake is this? location please 🙂


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