pcla logoI just want to take a moment to thank the PCLA Board for voting to give Looncorps a very generous donation in summer 2016. We are continuing to make efforts to establish a viable breeding loon population in the Round, Crooked, Pickerel Lakes chain, and hope eventually to have several breeding loon pairs on these lakes. I believe Crooked alone can support three pairs, Pickerel perhaps two pairs, and Round has an outside chance for two.

Currently, Crooked Lake has a solid breeding pair (though nesting wasn’t successful this season as it was in 2015). Two additional rafts have been out here in the last couple years, but have not been used so far. Pickerel had a male die on the nest in 2015, though I’m not sure if that was a nesting loon, or that he boarded the raft because of the stress of the aspergillosis he was afflicted with. Pickerel has two nesting rafts waiting for a breeding pair. Round Lake has suffered a 4-year hiatus in nesting ever since the nesting loons were ejected from their nest in 2013 by intruding loon(s). We’re still waiting for them to sort out who will own the territory. Making multiple nesting sites available on these lakes is important because the young that migrate from here will return some day seeking a territory, and we hope they will select one on or adjacent to the lake they hatched from. 05#-Crooked Lk Loons-5x7

So, thank you PCLA for your very generous donation, and be assured it will go to establish nesting and further the nesting success of loons on the two lakes. This very beneficial group operates from the funds generated by its members. Click here to join this organization.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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