The Uncommon Loon Film Presentation

UCL Postcard My film, The Uncommon Loon, will be shown in its entirety at the U of M Biological Station Sunday, August 7, at 7:30 PM. This locally made film features one family of common loons on Round Lake near Petoskey, and includes much of the flora and fauna that inhabit or visit the marsh in the southern end of the lake. Along with following this loon pair through the season, the film underscores the extreme importance of wetlands and the varied and rich life that depends on them. Following the hour-long film, I will be on hand for discussion and questions. DVDs of The Uncommon Loon will also be available for purchase, 100% of all proceeds which go toward preservation and restoration of breeding loon lakes in our area.



UCL DVD Cover jpg2


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  1. says:

    Very nice Jeff!!!!!!! Quite an accomplishment I would say!!!!! My tax lady and I are going to be ready to help starting in late Sept to early oct.. until you kick us out or we die! My tax lady has canoes and etc. Her name is Jane DeNise. Hopes to meet you soon. Maybe we will come by Morning Star… I would call or email 1st.


  2. Jeff Lange says:

    Any way you wish to participate would be much welcome and appreciated, Carol. I might have sat on the United Way Citizens Review Panel with Jane. You’re welcome to come by the store anytime. Just call or email first, because I take occasional days off to play with my band in the summer and I wouldn’t want to miss you guys. Thanks.


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