When I arrived at Round Lake this morning I saw (and filmed) 2 tiny loon chicks with their parents. Newly hatched, and cruising the south end with their very devoted parents. Thanks to everyone who contributed information on this nesting and placed nesting rafts and buoys.  Finally, the 4-year curse has ended and we have a loon family once again. See the 1-minute video below…
The next several weeks will be a very opportune time to view the adults to see if any of them are the ones we banded in 2010 and 2012. Let me know if you see bands, what colors on which leg, and so on… All loons banded are banded on both legs. Loons banded as juveniles have the standard silver on the left leg, while loons banded as adults have silver on the right. All also have a color band on the opposite leg, and some another color band with the silver. If you see a loon with a white band on the left leg, it’s the female geotagged in 2010.
Our long-term goal (short-term, if possible) is to have nesting loons on all three viable lakes in this chain: Round, Crooked, and Pickerel. With the new territory established on Crooked in 2014, we have achieved 2 out of 3. Two rafts are placed on Crooked (one which is used by nesting loons) and two on Pickerel (neither which has so far been occupied). If anyone knows people on these lakes that want to get involved, please let me know. Thanks.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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  1. Jimbo says:

    Jeff, Happy for you guys! Nice job on video clip.

    Jim G Intermediate Lake Association (Home for 3 pairs)

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Soooo good to hear Jeff especially after the unrest when the loons left. It is marvelous that you accomplish so much for the survival of the Michigan loons. God Bless you Jeff


  3. Jane I DeNise says:

    this is awesome!! Where on Round Lake? Are there any on Six Mile lake?


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