Starting to think about the year’s loon nesting season, and just want everyone to know we still need volunteers to put out buoys, nesting rafts, and monitor lakes with nesting loons in Northern Michigan. Please reply here or contact me via email listed on this site if you’re interested. Also need to know who needs more buoys, rafts, etc…to help manage and protect your lake’s loons.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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  1. Herm Boatin says:

    I will continue to monitor the Indian River spreads and the Pigeon River delta.


  2. Ron Pool says:

    Jeff, nice looking raft. Looks like an easier build. Where does insulation/flotation board come from? I’ll take care of installing the Round lake rafts and bouy. Have a good rest of your winter.Ron & Lori Pool  


  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be putting out one raft in the cove on Crooked so I have an extra one available.


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