Round Loons2018dOn Saturday, July 14, this Round Lake loon pair hatched 2 chicks in what is becoming a typical late nesting pair. Or a nesting pair that is repeatedly experiencing a failed first nest, and having a successful go at a renest. Either way, this pair is determined to make nesting a success again, after being attacked by challenger loons in 2013, and enduring a 3-4 year hiatus in nesting, while the loons sorted out who would rule the territory. At least one of the loon parents is a pre-2010 native because the band installed on him is still intact. Thank you Lee Anne for having your phone available to take these pictures through my spotting scope. And thanks to my friend Sam Gaylord for bequeathing me this fine scope. He was a dear friend in nature, astronomy, and good friendship.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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  1. says:

    Good news Jeff!!!!!!!!! No news about our platform. Did you hear from Bob on the lake?


  2. jane denise says:

    Great news!!  Thank you for the update.  Wish Susan Lake Loons would nest!Jane I DeNise


  3. casitaman says:

    On 7/11/18: Pair of loons feeding, 1 chick, about one third adult size, on the Indian River Spreads near the Landings resort. Herm Boatin



  4. Anonymous says:

    What a wonderful experience to share with you, Jeff!


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