IMG_20140504_164956_273The statement below was from a September 1 report on the Round Lake loon family by Ron and Lori Pool. Since then, the surviving chick has suffered no deadly attacks known to the lake residents, and there is every reason to believe it has flown off the lake to begin its migration.

“We lost a chick yesterday afternoon to an invading loon. The other chick was under attack under our neighbors dock,  however I jumped in a kayak and ran it off. I was out about a half hour before the adult invader gave up. It was at that time we found the dead chick off shore about 100 yds. Last night we experienced another attack on the remaining chick as we peddled just east of the condos. It was to dark to determine if the chick survived. This morning I went out and found the chick swimming alone just east of the bouys, center of lake. No parent loon was around. Yesterday morning one parent was with the 2 chicks.”

We are discussing whether to attempt to encourage the loons to establish a second territory on the lake by placing a nesting raft in the NW corner off Conservancy property. While there’s no guarantee installing a raft actually can encourage loons to nest, it has been done on nearby lakes (Douglas, for instance) in recent years.


About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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