In November, the film, Dance of the Sandhill Crane, was shown at The Gateway to the Clarkston Area Backyard Birders. Following the film, Lee Anne and I performed the songs, Another May, Little Bird, and Descent, original music of ours that celebrates the wonders of nature. The next day, we joined Host and Author Bill Haney for his broadcast, Conversations With Bill, where we discussed the making of these films, the need for loon preservation, our passion for nature, and the part our music plays in it.


Below is that 39-minute broadcast, made available by Independence Television. Many of the amazing loon pictures shown in the background were shared courtesy of Randy Stout and Gene Klco. Thanks to everyone at Independence Television and the Clarkston Birders for the warm reception we received. Linking film and live music has been a long-time goal for us, and we look forward to steering future presentations in this direction.



About Jeff Lange

Michigan LoonWatch Area Coordinator, LoonCorps Northern Michigan, Wildlife Filmmaker.

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  1. Lee Anne Whitman says:

    What an amazing time we had in Clarkston! Truly a memorable experience thanks to the hospitality of Bill Haney, Bob McGowan, Jeff’s cousin, Penny Bennett, and so many more kind and thoughtful people. What a wonderful two days we had sharing Jeff’s film, the nature-inspired music of Indigo Moon, and being a guest on Bill Haney’s “Conversations with Bill”. We look forward to making another trip to Clarkston to enjoy time with our new friends from the Clarkston Area Backyard Birders Club!


  2. Lee Anne Whitman says:

    So wonderful!  Thanks!  By the way, did you see a note from your last post where Jane DeNise would like a donation canister at her business office at 1406 Bridge Street in Charlevoix?  Did you already take care of that?  If not you may respond to her I will make a point of taking one to her this week.  Shewrote at the end of October. XOXO


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