In order of most recent:

Clarkston Film Presentation   Oakland Press November 2018

Let’s Get Loony!   PNR November 2015

The Uncommon Loon  by Dave Droste   PCLA Newsletter   Fall 2014

Lake O’Neal  Detroit Free Press November 2, 2014

Lake O’Neal Petoskey News October 20, 2014

Lake O’Neal   Petoskey News October 2014

LoonCorps Seeks Volunteers   Petoskey News July 2014

Avian Botulism   Petoskey News May 2013

Wild Northern Michigan PNR Special Section Spring 2013

Lucky Loon   Petoskey News December 2, 2010 (not archived)

Round Lake Loons Banded  Petoskey News August 5, 2010 (not archived)

Call Of The Loon   The Graphic August 8, 2010  (nor archived)

Lake O’Neal   Petoskey News August 2009





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