Preserving and protecting loons and loon breeding lakes, restoring lost territories, rescuing stranded or injured loons, delivering artificial nest islands and Loon Alert Buoys, all take a considerable amount of time and incur a degree of expense throughout the spring-fall season. Since everyone involved is a volunteer, time is donated. Expenses, however, can’t be avoided, and can add up significantly. LoonCorps is not a registered Non-profit organization. We have no sophisticated accounting and auditing procedure.

We do commit 100% of every dollar donated directly to area projects described above, and we do make a record of all donations, including donation canister proceeds. We also record all expenses, including mileage when traveling is necessary, as is the case for many of the lakes listed in the ANI post. We never hope to recoup the total of expense we incur, but your donations can help considerably.

A fantastic way for us to reward our volunteers for all the generous (and expensive) traveling they do each season is in the form of a fuel gift card. Buy one from your favorite local gas station, donate it, and we’ll pass it along to one of our active members. Your gift benefits the local economy, helps loons, and thanks a person for their hard work.

To contribute financially to LoonCorps projects, please make a check out to Jeff  Lange and send to:

Morning Star  210 Petoskey St.   Petoskey, MI 49770  DSC01332



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