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Is there a loon in trouble? Can’t get off the lake? Tangled in fish line? Came down on the ice? Stranded on the beach…on a road? Use the contact information below for help. Let us know exactly what the trouble is, so we can come prepared. And be sure as possible that what you’re seeing isn’t just a loon preening. Often during a preening session, a loon may spin in circles, flop over on its back, pick at its stomach, and flap and shake its wings repeatedly, or waggle its feet, all giving the impression of a tangled or distressed loon.

If we can’t travel to your location, someone can possibly advise you through the correct procedure to help your loon through its trouble.

231-347-3688 (days)

231-548-3918 (eve)   Near Release


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  1. Pam says:

    Saw a beached loon. It was blond in one eye and tried to bite me. When trying to bite its head would just fall to ground and then slowly lift it back to a normal position. Legs sprawled behind. Some people came and I went to seek advice. When I got back they had threw it into ocean. Was this the best help?


    • Jeff Lange says:

      Sounds like it was affected by some kind of toxin, or encountered something in the ocean I’m not familiar with. Would have been helpful to capture it and have examined. Where on the coast were you? Thanks for sharing this.


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