DSC02240If your lake could benefit from installing a loon nesting raft, contact LoonCorps to have one ordered, delivered, even installed. Or you can pick up in Alanson. Mileage charges will apply if you need one delivered/installed. Below is an itemized cost estimate for one raft. See “Order Buoys” if you need Loon Alert Buoys to accompany your raft. Though we sometimes have rafts and buoys on hand, be certain to order before spring to have them in time for the nesting season.  Contact information located at the bottom of the page.

PVC Frame & 4 Elbows                 65.
Foam sheet 8×4 halved                24.
Fence                                           12.
Adjustable Ramp                          18.
Clamps/zip ties                         15.
Anchors blocks/hardware         28.
Total                                     $162.

5 responses »

  1. Jim gilleylen says:

    Please put me on your loon alert email list. My corrected address: jimbo.gilley@gmail.com

    Thank you,
    Jim Gilleylen, Intermediatelake Association, Bellaire, MI


  2. Kurt P. Schellhas says:

    I wish to purchase a fully constructed platform nest for
    next spring. Lake in north central Minnesota. Existing
    Platform nest has been terribly neglected by another person, and the eggs died this spring.


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