In the water three weeks now, our test buoy still rides high. Made of galvanized stovepipe and using an extendable/retractable 10 lb barbell weight, it's one-fifth the weight of its commercial brethren, and far cheaper to make. And look, a carrying strap!

Loon Alert Buoys are an essential addition to keeping nesting loons and people separated during the crucial nest season. If you need buoys for your lake, please contact LoonCorps by any method listed at the bottom of the page. Below is a cost estimate for buoy(s). Though we often have extras on hand, be sure to order well before spring to have them before nesting begins. Delivery and installation is charged according to mileage. A buoy permit is required by the DNR. Contact us to have an application emailed to you.

Our buoys are much lighter than their commercial brethren, made to legal size, feature clamp and safety strap, self-contained ballast, and a carrying strap

Prices are per each buoy:DSC01524

1 Buoy $95.
2 Buoys $90.
4 or more $85.


5 responses »

  1. Ruth Townsend says:

    I would like to order at least one and maybe two buoys. Please send the application for DNR permit to: Ruth Townsend
    8404 E. Kinley Road
    Ovid, MI 48866

    Do you have an order form for the buoys?


  2. Ken McDonald says:

    We are replacing an old buoy, do we still need the permit, the old buoy was purchased back in 2002. If not I would like to purchase one.


  3. I would like to order four buoys.


  4. Nancy Voelker says:

    Need to order 3 buoys .


    • Nancy Voelker says:

      why is when call on the phone that you always get a busy tone. doesn’t anybody work there to ask the phone or emails. The website is says that you can order buoys but you can’t do any kind of ordering. been trying to call for two days. sent a email have not gotten answer. Would like answer.


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